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Top 5 Tips for Camping With Dogs

Want to bring your furry friend along with you on your next camping trip? Spend time with man’s best friend on your vacation to the outdoors. There is a large community of people who enjoy camping with their dogs. That’s why we put together these top 5 tips for camping with dogs to make planning your trip easier: 

1. Pack lots of water

One of the most important things to remember when you are active outdoors is to stay hydrated! This applies to humans, as well as, our pets. Bring lots of water with you on your camping trip to ensure you both have enough. You can also pack refillable containers and fill up on water during the trip. 

2. Research pet-friendly campgrounds and hiking trails

If you’re going to stay at a campground during your trip, then you should do research on which ones are pet-friendly. Some campgrounds allow dogs on the property if they are leashed. You can also do research and find out which hiking trails would be best. Most national parks have dog-friendly trails listed on their website. 

3. Choose a large tent

A large tent is the perfect spot for you and your pup to rest when you aren’t hitting the trails! Make sure you bring a tent that is big enough for both of you. This is a great space for the two of you to hang out if unexpected rain decides to hit while you’re camping. Remember to bring plenty of blankets, especially if you’re camping during the fall/winter season. 

4. Be prepared 

Always be prepared! That’s probably the most important rule when you’re camping with dogs. Bring a first-aid kit in your backpack to ensure you’re ready for any situation that could arise. Pack extra things like dry clothes, water, toys, etc. You’ll want to pack efficiently so no space in your backpack is wasted. 

When you’re camping with dogs, these tips will definitely help you feel prepared and ready for adventure! Check out Staylist’s campground reservation map to start planning your camping trip today.