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Top 5 First Time RV Camping Tips For Camping Newbies

RV camping is one of the most popular vacation options! It’s great for families, friends, and loved ones. Just like anything else, RV camping can be kind of intimidating for those that haven’t done it before. But, don’t fret! Staylist has come up with 5 first time RV camping tips to help you feel prepared for your next adventure.

1. Do Your Research

One of the most important first time RV camping tips is to do your research! Choose a destination for your trip, and then do research about the RV parks that are located near there. You’ll want to find an RV park that meets all of your needs, especially if you’re looking for full hook-ups like water/sewer etc. If the family is coming along, you can choose a family-friendly RV campground that has amenities for the kids like a pool and arcade room. 

2. Make a Checklist

Be sure to make a checklist and check it twice! You can create a list of things to check/secure before you hit the road. A lot of new RVers will need this checklist before it starts to become second nature, and that’s okay. It’s all about learning new things. For the first few times, it’ll take you longer to pack up but then it’ll get easier. Examples on the list would be locking doors, securing latches, etc. 

3. Be Flexible

There are lots of things that can impact a road trip. These can include weather, maintenance, and anything else that can throw a wrench in your plans. Remember to stay flexible. Weather can slow you down, but you will still make it to your destination. It’s important to stay safe and enjoy the journey. 

4. Pack to be Road Ready

In order to be the most efficient traveler, you should pack light. It’s important to be ready to hit the road when you go RV camping. You’ll want to pack things that you know you’ll need. Save room in your RV for the really important stuff and don’t take up room with unnecessary items. Important items include a first-aid kit, extension cord, pressure regulator, etc. Unimportant items include extra shoes, lots of clothes, and more. 

5. Enjoy the Experience

Don’t be so wrapped up in logistics that you forget to enjoy the experience. Road trippin’ is all about getting out there and enjoying time with your loved ones. You’ll make some amazing memories along the way. 

Ready to give these first time RV camping tips a try? Browse Staylist’s list of RV campground sites to find the perfect one for your next adventure.