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Tent Camping vs. RV Camping: Which is the better option?

There are so many vacation options out there making it difficult to decide what exactly you should do. You could go to an amusement park, walk on the beach, or explore a new town. What if we told you that you could do all of these things on a camping trip? Camping is a great way to save money on a hotel while you go on vacation. So, what kind of camping should you do? When choosing between tent camping vs. RV camping, here are the pros and cons: 

Tent Camping 


  • Overall, it is cheaper than RV camping if you consider initial costs


  • Tent camping is greatly affected by the weather. If there is a storm coming, then you will have to find another option like booking a hotel as a backup plan
  • Pitching a tent and setting up your campground can be a hassle. It takes a lot more work than RV camping would
  • If you don’t store your food properly, then tent camping can be dangerous if wild animals are around 

RV Camping 


  • RV camping gives you the experience of camping, but with the comfort of everyday conveniences
  • Better for longer vacations because you can have a bed to sleep in which is a more comfortable experience
  • Cheaper than staying in a hotel
  • Better mobility which allows you to pick up and go whenever you want to
  • A great option for older and younger people who might have more travel needs


  • You have to do research to know which RV camper is the best to buy

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Tent Camping vs. RV Camping 

There are lots of pros and cons when considering tent camping vs. RV camping. At the end of the day, you have to look at what is the best fit for you. If you know that you’ll want to go camping often and you enjoy the comfort of modern conveniences, then RV camping would be the best option for you. 

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