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Everything You Need to Know About Winter Camping With Your Dogs

Just because it starts to get chilly outside doesn’t mean you should stay inside! It’s always a good time to go exploring with your furry friend. Spending time outdoors with your dog is a great way to make new memories with them. There are a few things you need to know before you go RV camping or winter camping with your dogs

1. Pick a Dog-Friendly Park

First things first, do your research. You should choose a dog-friendly park to visit during your winter camping trip. You can also choose to camp at a number of dog-friendly campgrounds or dog-friendly RV campgrounds.

2. Give Your Pup Bright Layers 

Winter means cold temperatures, so you should try and dress in layers. This also applies to your dog! Make sure you dress them in a dog jacket and bring plenty of dry clothes, blankets, and a sleeping bag. This will ensure they stay warm, even during the coldest of nights. Try and choose a bright collar and jacket for them during the trip, so you can pick them out in the snowy landscape. This will help you keep track of your pup. 

3. Pace Yourself

Remember to pace yourself on your trip. Don’t try to overextend your body. You know what you and your dog can handle. Be sure to respect that and keep your expectations realistic. Some dogs can go on long overnight trips and some can’t. If you want to test out winter camping with your dogs, then you can always take them on a few hikes in the winter to see how they respond. 

4. Pack Water & Snacks

Don’t forget to keep yourself and your dog hydrated! It’s easy to forget to keep drinking water, especially when it is cold outside and you aren’t sweating as much. The truth is that you need to be drinking just as much water while hiking in the winter as you do in the summer. When you go winter camping with dogs, you have to make sure you are packing enough water for you and for them. Be sure to also take nutrient-rich snacks with you to help keep everyone’s energy levels up. 

Ready to go winter camping with your dogs? Explore Staylist’s campground reservation map to find the perfect destination.